Monday, April 5, 2010

Daily Dose Of Deuce

After looking over my blog, and truthfully neglecting it for a couple months, I figured out what the problem was! I started this blog to share my photography and crafting efforts. However, there were times when I just didn't feel like I have enough to say about stuff I make. At the same time, I didn't want to put a bunch of random crap on here as I felt like that wasn't being true to the theme of my blog. Maybe it's a personal "thing" that's kind of weird and I can't explain, but it's true.

So, I have started a new blog - "Daily Dose Of Deuce" - which will house all my insane ramblings. I definitely have enough opinions on things in general that I can share them with you all. It'll be a little crafty, full of random opinions and tidbits of information that hopefully you'll find interesting. I'm not sure if I'm going to be letting this blog lay to rest completely or not, but my new blog will be a bit of a fresh start. 2010 has definitely been the year of a fresh start in several aspects of my life and this is just another one to add to that list. Please check it out - I hope you'll enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

Concern with your Roman Holiday Mitts. Even though I am a beginner I have completed several projects. This particular pattern stumped me when coming to the thumb. You say to remove the first 6 stitches and then when you come back to creating the thumb all of a sudden there are twelve stitched to place back on needles. What happened to the other six? I just took the last six stitches from the end of the row to make the twelve, but doing this left the other portion for the four fingers rather snug.
Please read this section and see if something is missing. Love the pattern and was simple other than the above. Many thanks.

Bubble My Licorice said...

good luck at your new blog!