Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Long overdue

I am feeling like a total slacker right now when it comes to blogging. It seems like I've been on the go since before the holidays and things really haven't slowed down that much.

In the crafty world, more of my knit samples have been popping up on the Plymouth Yarn website, which is proving to be something I'm increasingly proud of. The sample knitting has been quite time consuming as essentially, it is my second job, but I've been very happy with it and seeing the end result really gives me the encouragement to carry on. If you see these in your local yarn store, perhaps you'll think of me!In the meantime, my parents have been out visiting from England. They got some crazy snow out there before they left, and then came out here to some highly uncharacteristic Southern California storms. Considering it's 70 degrees and sunny most of the time, Californians are really quite useless when heavy storms hit, meaning we've spent quite a good amount of time sequestered in the house while the rest of the country probably points, laughs, and says we're all "weak" at our inability to handle weather changes! I am lucky that my parents visit often enough that they don't need to go see the sights, which have mostly been encompassed by a layer of fog, mist and rain.

Around the house, while trying to stay dry, we've also been lucky to have our little Deuce kitty to entertain us. He's quite the character and based on the number of toys around the house, anybody would think we've got a toddler living with us. Given that he's coming up on 5 months old and will play with anything put in front of him, we practically do! I have pages and pages of stories that I could share and may have to start the Daily Deuce. For now, enjoy his attempts at DJing - just like his father.