Thursday, May 29, 2008

A quick drive by posting

I've been working on all kinds of stuff over the last couple of weeks but didn't have pictures or anything to show until I snapped a few shots of my new yarns last night. I'm also working on a fiber tools swap through Ravelry and am very proud of what I came up with but can't post pics here until after I've sent things to my swap partners!

Over the weekend I was up in Santa Barbara visiting my brother for his birthday surprise and discovered that the Joann's on the way back down is actually a "Superstore". (Think Target vs. Super Target I guess!) I didn't even realize that there are Joann's superstores. I thought the stores near me were normal size. Of course, with my husband at a bachelor party in Vegas and not there to give me the "you can't possibly be buying more crafty stuff" look, I had to stop by for the Memorial Day Sale to use my coupon. So, 10 or so yards of fabric, several sewing patterns (never really used one before so should be interesting) and some notions later, I have all kinds of new things to play with. I made up for it by completely revamping our bedroom and bathroom for when he got back...a good diversion technique from the ever growing stash.

Well, I must leave with some pretty things to look at so here are my two newest yarns. Usually I name things after food and or music, but these both got animal names. I present Peacock and Penguin.

Monday, May 19, 2008

What's your preference?

While making myself a handy new needle roll to carry my random assortment of knitting needles, I realized that it's perfect for keeping all the needles and crochet hooks I have in one spot. The problem is that I wouldn't want to carry it around with me all the time when taking my projects on the road. Personally, I tend to take whatever needles I'm using plus the yarn for the project, or alternatively my drop spindle and some roving. Either way, I want it all to fit in a medium sized tote bag.

I've been wanting to put some needle rolls and other similar items in my Etsy store, now that I am friends with my sewing machine, and I was wondering what you all use.

- Which needles do you carry with you?
- Do you carry in a tote bag or a drawstring bag?
- Do you like having a needle roll to carry everything at home and something smaller to carry on the road with you?
- Do you like having separate holders for your straights, DPNs, crochet hooks etc?

Please leave a comment and keep an eye out for the results in my Etsy store!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Possibly the cutest thing ever!

My sister in law, Erica, found out she was pregnant about 3 weeks after I married her brother. Talk about making the parents crazy...a wedding and a pregnancy within a month?! I thought my mother in law's head was going to burst. Anyway, Erica is now 22 weeks along and doing well. She spent the first trimester with a pregnancy induced "tequila type hangover" and is very happy to be out of that phase at least!

Of course, I am thrilled to have a nephew to spoil and make a million things for. Right after I got my sewing machine, I was rummaging in the remnants bin in Joann's to find fabric to practice on and found this. Naturally I was completely unable to resist and figured that one day I'd figure out something to make with the 1/3 yard of adorable. Now, a couple of weeks and a lot of straight lines later, I have accomplished something that makes me, and everybody else around me who has seen them go "awwww". Even my husband came in the room, picked them up and immediately said, "I want some". So, I present to you my Frog Frog Duck baby PJ pants for Ethan.

Friday, May 9, 2008

My first sewn bag!

So I've been very quietly running around getting fabric remnants from Joann over the last week, and practicing sewing lots of lines. A couple of nights ago, I decided it was time to try making something with my new sewing machine that looks like more than just scraps of fabric with knotted thread! While running errands, I had spotted a super cute dishcloth that spoke to me with its' aspirations to become more than just a dishcloth, so I bought it home and made it into my first sewn tote bag. The bag is lined with navy flannel to match the accent stripes, and I used strips cut from the sides of the dishcloth to make the handles. Inverting the handles was probably the hardest part of all this as the safety pin was refusing to cooperate and insisting on opening half way through the process, leaving me with a half inverted handle, a pin that was stabbing me in the finger, and a husband wondering why I had developed a "mild" case of potty mouth from the corner of the room. It's not a neat sewing job, but at least it's a functional item and I am certainly proud! Now I have a cute summery bag to hold my drop spindle and rovings (might as well use one craft to feed the other.)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Happy Birthday indeed

It's not even time for a mid-morning snack yet, and I've had quite an eventful birthday already! Here's how my day has played out so far...

I woke up this morning to find that my wonderful husband had bought me a sewing machine for my gift. As he says "I'll probably regret giving you another thing for your craft habit, but I know you'll love it." I think I have to go buy a new storage bin so that I can keep what is likely to become a bunch of fabric supplies out of his way!

I then checked the mail on the way out the door to go to work. There was a card from my husband's grandparents with a birthday check inside! Sadly, my own grandparents had all passed by the time I turned 12, so it was really sweet to get this from my "new grandparents" as they call themselves (sounds better than grandparents-in-law for sure). I plan of course on spending that money on sewing notions for my new machine!

Next step, I get to work to be greeted by streamers hanging from my office door and a big sign from everybody in my area. Definitely a feel good moment there.
Then, to top that off, I log into my e-mail and find that I have sold a photography print through Etsy and that a person I have never met on Ravelry has sent me a birthday message. The crafting community really is a wonderful one!

So, as it's not quite 11am yet, who knows what the rest of the day will bring. Do I feel spoiled already? Hell yes I do!