Thursday, October 9, 2008

A little Project Runway talk

As the most recent season of Project Runway nears the end, I do have a little to say about last night's episode. Firstly, as much as I was sad that Jerrell got a little too whacky with his wedding dress creation last night, it's really nice to see three strong females doing their thing for fashion week.

As much as Kenley drives me nuts, you can't say the girl doesn't have a style...even if parts of it appear to have been "inspired" by another designer (see the design by Alexander McQueen below left, by Kenley below right). One thing that bugs me, apart from her whining, is that she can't seem to get out of her niche. That being said, I think she'll do really well within her niche.
Korto has a great personality; very down to earth and I think that reflects in her designs. While I do think she missed the mark a little with her wedding dress last night, I have enjoyed her previous creations. The dress shown to the left is one that I like, despite being someone who's not much for crazy prints. I thought her bridesmaid dress was nowhere near as bad as the judges made it out to be, although given where they are in the competition I think they wanted her to find a happy medium between the over and under whelming that they kept talking about.

Finally, Leanne is my favorite to win right now. Apart from anything, she has an Etsy store!! She has such a classy style that is well structured, yet flows beautifully (see the dress inset right) and I really enjoy her humble nature - the absolute every day kinda girl. I'm really excited to see her final collection because the hints we got in the show last night looked really interesting and so well designed. The wedding and bridesmaid dresses were beautiful and I would be happy to wear either.

Of course, waiting another week will be torture to find out who made it, but it'll be an exciting finale this year for sure!


Kathy said...

Leanne is my pick, too. I was surprised that, so far, I liked Kenley's selections better than Korto's, but we'll just have to wait for Wednesday.

I just found your blog and really like it.

Cindy Joy said...

Well, this post is old, but I still wanted to comment. I am glad Leanne won - her collection was fabulous and incredibly well crafted. In fact, I think she improved all the way across the season. I would not have put her as a front runner after watching the first two episodes. I love that she actually listened to criticism and moved forward. I dislike the Prima Dona attitude that many artists of all ilk tend to develop. I also liked that she used sustainable fibers.

On the subject of Kenley's wedding dress and her "inspiration" by Alexander McQueen - McQueen's dress hit the runway 2 weeks before New York Fashion Week and Tim Gunn saw Henley's dress 4 weeks before NYFW. So, unless Kenley has spies in McQueen's workshop or a time machine, she wasn't inspired by his very similar dress. More likely, they were both inspired by the same thing. It sucks being the second person out of the gate in those circumstances, but it does happen. I've had it happen to me - enter a garment in a competition and then be sitting in the audience for the runway show only to see on the catwalk a near identical garment from someone you've had not contact with before that day. If you follow trends and take inspiration from the world around you, it will happen at least once. I feel sorry for Kenley that the Finale of Project Runway was her turn for that unfortunate eventuality.