Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I actually did it! Meet the website.

Several years ago I purchased the domain and had some seriously gung-ho ideas about getting my photography portfolio online. With my rather rudimentary html skills, I put up something that vaguely resembled a rather simplistic portfolio web design...and then it sat there for a year or so...and then it ground to a resounding halt. A halt that was costing me an annual domain/hosting fee that I wasn't doing anything with.

For a while, I had a fantastic idea to make my own ecommerce portion of the site to sell my wares - photography, crafts, yarns, and whatnot. I spent a few days getting all active with positioning the paypal "buy now" button all over the place and realized that I basically had no content management for my items at all and that was just not going to work.

A few months ago, my friend Charlie (a college student that we bribed with a home cooked meal) came over to help me with some web programming for my husband's music site. He introduced me to the CMS (Content Management System) powered by Wordpress. "But Wordpress is a blog", I told him. "We don't want something that looks like a blog". He gave me the basic rundown on PHP, SQL, and a bunch of other three letter concepts that really meant WTF to me at the time. Then said "you're smart so I know you'll figure it out" and left me to my own devices. After days of crying, banging my head against a wall, and staring blankly at the computer screen; I ended up with this. I can't even describe how proud I was to launch that site, but with all my new found web design powers, my attention turned back to mine.

Yes, I want my website to be so many things but after working on my husband's site for so long, I realized I just had to focus on what I wanted my own website to be in this moment. I decided on a photography portfolio, found the template, found the photos and off I went.
So, I have a ton of content to still be added, but it's a damn fine start and boy am I proud! One day yes, you'll be able to shop on it, and who knows what else. For now though, Organic Stills finally has a big girl website that I am happy to share with you all!

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