Monday, February 8, 2010

Well, this should be fun

Today is the beginning of what will be a very busy week. This morning, the cat had a vet appointment to get his final round of shots and a general check up. Husband calls me to inform me that he has tape worms (gross) but no evidence of fleas (which is usually how tape worms come about in felines). The doc treated him and all should be well in a couple of days. However, I now have to switch out the litter tray, clean all the bed linens, and keep an eye on his behind (literally) over the next few days to make sure everything looks good. The appeal of checking the cat poop for worm remains is far from appealing, but that's love I suppose. As a side note, the doctor was impressed that he was such a good boy while in the exam room. She also confirmed that he is teething, which explains why he'll so lovingly bite everything in reach.Tomorrow, husband is having a septoplasty to fix his deviated septum/wonderfully congested nasal passages. The poor guy has had chronic sinusitis for a long time, and with his allergies, things get pretty miserable. Over the weekend, we were dog-sitting for a friend and turns out that I'm highly allergic to Boxer's, cute as they may be. I was in the apartment for an hour trying to get some knitting done when next thing I know, I'm sneezing up a storm and have lost all ability to breath normally. The worst part being that I ended up with the sinus pressure behind my eye balls complete with an itching nasal passage that made me want to stick a toothpick up there to scratch! All the times I never understood how bad it felt when my husband was having a bad sinus day. I had the problem for 3 hours and it was already driving me crazy. So, here's hoping his surgery goes smoothly tomorrow and that he will have a good recovery without too much discomfort. I'm already trying to figure out what meals I can make this week that will be easy for him to eat with who knows what packed in his nose post surgery!

This week is all about my two boys - the small one and the bigger (slightly) less furry one! Wishing both of you a speedy recovery.

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