Monday, August 27, 2007

Etsy Featured Shop - Mineral Magic

I haven't featured a new Etsy seller in a little while, but came across this shop in the forums and couldn't resist asking them to take part in an interview. In an attempt to show you all something new and different with each feature, this time around I have some beautiful mineral make-up for you, courtesy of Mineral Magic.
What inspired you to start making mineral based make-up?
I was inspired to do my own line of mineral makeup because my skin is ultra sensitive and I wanted to make a product that I was 100% sure would accommodate my skin issues.

What do you think is the main difference between your make-up and commercial make-up lines?
The difference between my makeup and the commercial ones is I know what I put in them. Anyone can put fillers in to stretch the product and I do not do that. In fact, I add more zinc to my product to increase the SPF factor up to 20% depending on how much you apply. Many other mineral lines have bismuth oxychloride which is kin to arsenic. That is most likely why people itch and skin gets inflamed. You wouldn't put arsenic in your body and it makes very good sense that you do not put it on your face.

What are the main mineral ingredients of your make-up?
The main ingredients are Mica (for color), Zinc Oxide (for sun protection), Titanium Dioxide
iron oxides and sometimes ultramarine blue depending on the color I need to create.

How do those act to keep skin looking good?
Our makeup is pure crushed minerals from the earth that does not clog pores. Surgeons and dermatologists worldwide have recommended mineral makeup for post operative scars, skin resurfacing, skin discolorations, to use after chemical peels, acne, veins, and rosacea. It is so safe you can even sleep in it to use as a skin treatment.

How do you choose the colors/scents that you make available for your products?
I choose colors that will accommodate everyone's wardrobe. A color for every season...
When someone orders a foundation, I always include a shade lighter and a shade darker along with the foundation. The seasons change and people should not have to go out and keep buying color after color. No one, to the best of my knowledge, has ever provided that service to a buyer. If you buy a color that doesn't match your skin tone from most companies, you are stuck with it. Not so with us. If your foundation color is not quite like you had expected, we replace it at no extra cost to the customer and they get to keep the product they bought.

What do you love about this item?
I love the 15 piece Mineral Magic Cosmetics Gift Set. The buyer gets to choose their eye colors, blushes, lotion bar scent, foundation color, and lip balm scent. Plus they get a 5 piece brush and carrying case collection and a retractable brush that can be taken with them anywhere they go. I always give out generous samples for buyers so that they can experience the other products I provide. No matter what the buyer chooses, they always get above and beyond what they paid for. That's what separates Mineral Magic Cosmetics from the rest.

What is your favorite type of make-up to make (i.e. eyeshadow, foundation, scents) and why?
I don't have a favorite color because you can take your foundation blush or eye makeup and blend them together to make your own color.

Did you play dress up with your mom's make-up when you were little?
I never played dress up with my mother's makeup. I wasn't allowed. boy, did I show her!

Tell me something fun about where you live?
I live in the Poconos. I am 4 miles from Pocono Raceway. There is always something going on and people to see.

Do you make other things outside of make-up? If so, what?
I make other things besides makeup. I have creamy lotions, hard lotion bars, face and body scrubs, lip balms and roll on body oils.

To learn more about Mineral Magic, visit or the Mineral Magic eBay store.

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