Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A little bit punk rock, a little bit funky...

I was just a swap "angel" for the first time on Craftster.org. This means that someone was flaked on during a craft swap and an angel is required to fill in so they still receive a swap item.

I was an angel for a girl who had not only been flaked on by her original swap partner, but had also been flaked on by her first angel! Several of us ended up feeling so bad that we decided to take it upon ourselves to each send her something so that she ended up with more items than she would have received in the first place!

As the swap was a writer based swap, I decided to use this as an opportunity to try something new and make a journal from scratch. She mentioned that she likes black with contrast colors, gerbera daisies and punk. I think this fits into each of these categories!!

Here's a brief description of how I made this:

I took standard paper and cut a stack to size with a guillotine. I then took two pieces of cardstock and cut them to be slightly larger than the paper. Using a single hole punch, I evenly marked where holes would go down the one side of paper and also on the cardstock to match. Using a thin piece of ribbon, I weaved it through the holes tightly, tying in a secure knot at one end for accent. I then found a drawing of a gerbera daisy and using digital editing, altered the color curves to create 4 accent flowers. I then cut these out and collaged them on the front cover...VOILA!

It really was that simple and I love the result. I definitely plan on making more of these - especially as they are so easy to customize.

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D'Elle Juwelen said...

You really inspired me to make something with my paper scraps. Thank you