Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A new obsession!

Since learning to knit, and especially since joining Ravelry, I have heard about knitters who love to knit socks. I'd always wondered a little about this - why the sock obsession? Granted, sock yarns are available in completely wonderful colors, but I don't understand that concept of spending $20+ on yarn to make a pair. Perhaps it's because I'm someone who doesn't wear socks all that much anyway.

At the Super Bowl weekend yarn sale at my local yarn store, Unwind, in Burbank, CA, there was some very pretty sock yarn on sale for $2.50/skein so I thought I'd give it a try. All the other knit projects I've been working on recently have been quite labor intensive, so I decided to go for socks as a smaller, quicker project. I made a super cute pair of socks over the course of the next few days and, as if I needed a new thing to obsess over, I now realize what all the fuss is about! They're cute, comfortable and fun to make.

While I still don't think I could shell out a ton of money on sock yarn, no matter how gorgeous it is, I think that being on the hunt for inexpensive but nice sock yarn may be a new mission for me!

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idyll hands said...

Hah - I'm glad I'm not the only one who can part with that much money (or more) for socks. It hurts... really it does.
Your's are amazing - not only for first socks but for any socks. If I ever find an affordable skein, maybe I'll try them out.