Friday, March 14, 2008

D is for Dork

So my parents are coming into town to visit on Monday and I find myself thinking "it's a good thing my brother can pick them up because I don't want to miss my kickball game." In case you're wondering, you didn't read that wrong - I play kickball and I'm proud of it! In fact, this is the fourth season that I've been playing kickball with the local division of the World Adult Kickball Association (aptly known as WAKA).

It seems that people think of kickball as something fun they used to do, or something they hated playing for fear of being picked last for the team. Either way, it's a memory of being about 5 years old. For me, I grew up in England and kickball isn't a game that British kids played back then so the concept of taking up the sport at my age was nothing if not wildly amusing.

So, what is adult kickball like you ask? Here's the lowdown.

I'm part of the team "Rhino Stampede" - which is essentially a bunch of people from my work who are truly united in geekhood through our kickball team. We play once a week at a local rec. center with the 15 other teams in our local division. Some of these teams take the game way more seriously than they should, and somewhat scare me with their overzealous nature, armed with banners and guerrilla tactics. We on the other hand are usually armed with matching stripy socks and a Rhino head (not a real one). Each game is 5 innings and there are 11 players fielding each inning, with a minimum of 4 females fielding at all times. Outside of that, standard kickball rules apply...

(Yes, I know you're trying to remember if kickball actually has rules, but I can assure you that it does).

We're about to go into the 3rd week of this season with my team, Rhino Stampede, a stunning 2 and 0, ranked a somewhat amazing 2nd with 17 runs scored in the last two games. This is quite the improvement considering at the start of last season, the kickball pundits were saying other teams must be really bad if we're able to beat them. We eventually ended last season in the final four due to vast improvements in our game and a rather shocking game of rock, paper, scissors (you think I would joke about something like that?!)

So, now you know my dirty little kickball secret, you'll be seeing updates on how the team is doing over the weeks. If you're feeling the need to revisit your childhood, go to and see if there's a division near you!

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The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

Good for you! Fun and must keep you in great shape!