Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Retail and nerves

I am currently working on the biggest purchase of my life until now. The hubby and I have officially started our house hunting. Prices in Los Angeles have dropped something like 27% in the last few years, to the point where what I thought might never be attainable finally is! Our realtor called me in somewhat of a frenzy this morning to tell me that he was standing in a place that we would probably love and how soon could we go see it. So, we have an appointment for 2 hours from now to go see a huge townhouse, not too far from where we live now that even has an extra room downstairs for Brian's DJing and my crafting. The second bedroom appears to be pink, but that's nothing that a coat of paint won't fix.

Anyway, our realtor's excitement has led to my nerves. After all, while I enjoy buying things and searching out great deals, it's scary to think that this might actually be happening - the biggest and best purchase of our lives!

Having spent some time looking at budgets and whatnot over the last few weeks, I have discovered that the extra expenditure won't cut too much into my monthly crafting budget. I will still be able to photograph, knit, crochet, sew, spin and probably add home improvements to my list of hobbies. I might have to shop my stash more and really make a push in my Etsy store, but it will be so worth it for us to have a place to call our own. Of course, the added benefit of being able to make my own draperies is not a bad one!

It might be my last hurrah for a while so in an attempt to calm myself before going to see this place today, I had to hit up the sale going on right now at Joann's. I got enough fabric to make a skirt, shirt, PJ pants (for Brian) and 3 little outfits for my nephew, plus some thread and 4 sewing patterns for $30. There's times when being a budget conscious and sale aware crafter comes in handy!!

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