Monday, September 29, 2008

Baby's first photo shoot

Well, it's been a crazy week and I feel like I've got a million things to catch up on now that the move is over and I have an internet connection again! We moved all our stuff on Thursday, spent all Friday morning with workers installing things, and then took off to Vegas on Friday afternoon to go visit our nephew, Ethan, and take a much needed break from the pile of boxes in the middle of the living room.

Seeing as I haven't had much opportunity to take pictures of things recently, I was more than happy to oblige when my sister in law asked me to do a photo shoot of the baby for his birth announcements. Naturally, my camera was buried somewhere in the new place so I needed to use their little camera and some creative natural lighting with adjusting the horizontal blinds, but I think they came out well. Ethan was particularly well behaved and slept through the entire thing!


Anonymous said...

so touching!

La Alicia said...

what a sweet cooperative baby! they will cherish those early pics! :)