Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Interesting effect

This weekend, a friend of mine brought over her yarn stash that she said she was never going to use. I've been so good about not buying yarn on account of buying a house that this was of course a complete delight! While rummaging through her "donation" to my cause that afternoon, I came across a long crochet hook with a hook on each end. I had no idea what it was so immediately had to go do some online research to find out! Turns out that she had given me an afghan hook, also known as a cro-hook, or it can be used for Tunisian crochet. You might be wondering what on earth I am yapping on about at this point, and I had no clue either so let me explain a little more!

The difference between Tunisian crochet and regular crochet is that loops are created and pulled up onto the hook, then the piece is worked back and forth without turning the work. It creates a pretty cool woven effect, which I love the look of.

A double ended cro-hook (which is what I have) has a hook on each end and is similar in technique to Tunisian crochet, but is great for working two colors. Essentially you work with one color from each end. Check out this information from if you'd like to know more!

I started making a cowl using the Tunisian crochet method last night using some pretty novelty yarn from my stash. The pictures below show the interesting effect that happened with this particular yarn.
Front side (above) & back side (below)
The front side has the textured woven look that I was expecting, but the back side has created a really fun fuzzy look that reminds me of a pile of pebbles. My original plan has now changed and I will be making this into a reversible cowl! Stay tuned for finished pictures and of course the listing in my Etsy store.


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