Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Entirely too cute!

I'm currently in the process of taking the inventory that I crocheted and knit up during the week before the craft fair and making it ready for sale in my Etsy store. I've been sick all week (not related to the anthrax scare in my office) so it's been hard to move up off the couch and take care of business, so to speak.
I know I previously mentioned the booties that I'd been making and last night I separated some to donate to a local children's charity through my work and started photographing others to go up for sale. First up are this super cute pair that I am tempted to make in adult size for running around the house. I sense that I wouldn't do so well on the hardwood floors in our new home though - this is based entirely on watching my husband slide around in his socks very "Risky Business" style (a/k/a when Tom Cruise wasn't crazy).

I'm definitely going to be listing more of these over the next few weeks, and of course some things for us adults too!

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