Monday, May 4, 2009

I'd totally forgotten about this!

A while back, a certain Vickie Howell (who has hand-held me through much of the process of learning to knit courtesy of Knitty Gritty) was looking for crafters to send her information on themselves and their craft for a new project she was working on. I very randomly thought it sounded like fun and sent along my bio with a little picture of myself. Time went by and I somewhat forgot I'd even submitted my info...until this morning. I went to check out Vickie's new site - Craft Corps - and found someone very familiar staring back at me!Check out the comments of the post below this one and you'll see a little comment from Vickie letting me know that I am being featured. I'm truly excited and honored given that the site only just launched. Anyway, if you haven't already, I encourage you to send your info in to the site so that your story can also be told!

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The Girl With A Curl said...

Hello Natalie,

I actually got to your blog through the email sent from the Craft Corps mailing list about you. Mind if I placed you on my blogroll? Come visit my neck of the world wide woods sometime, too. :)