Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Barham/Griffith Park Fires

I have truly concluded that I am dedicated to my art. The recent fires destroying acres upon acres in the Griffith park area has been devastating to those that love that part of Los Angeles. As a photographer though, it wouldn't be right for me not to bust out the camera and document these events.

Barham Fire (3/30/07)

Dedication is....sneaking out of work to go home and get your camera, driving and taking pictures out of the car window at every stop sign, sneaking onto other companies' balconies at work to get a view from above....

Griffith Park Fire (5/8/07)

Dedication is....leaving the house at midnight on a Tuesday and driving around to get as close to Griffith Park as possible for a good vantage point, stopping your car in a red zone while in your PJs trying to keep the camera steady on the hood of the car....

(Note that the white lines in this picture are actually helicopters. The first two are a little fuzzy due to having to turn off the flash on the camera because of the street lights dulling the colors from the fire.)

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