Tuesday, May 22, 2007

When all you want to do is sleep...

...the world invariably goes nuts.

Two Fridays ago, I had a nice Friday night with friends. I got home, watched TV for a little while and then curled up in bed for some blissful sleepy time.

This all sounds wonderful, until at 2am I hear a resounding crash and then a woman screaming like a sailor in the middle of the street. Call me a nosy neighbor if you want, but I threw on my flipflops to see what was happening and here's what greeted me at the front of my apartment building.

Who knows what the truth may be, as it's supposed to be innocent until proven guilty and all, but the story goes like this...

Woman and boyfriend are driving home. Crazy ex-boyfriend follows them and tries to get into the car by breaking the window. That doesn't work so he proceeds to climb in through the moonroof of the car. Woman and current boyfriend exit vehicle while ex continues to get in the car, into the drivers seat, throws it in reverse and BAM! He then gets out of the car, back into his own and takes off.

I think the cops cited felony vandalism, domestic disturbance, attempted grand theft auto and a string of other things. Let's put it this way, I wouldn't want to be THAT guy.

Of course, when I finally got back upstairs to go to sleep, 4am the tow truck arrives to remove the impaled vehicle from the fence. After all that, is it any surprise that I wasn't being my even tempered self that Saturday morning? The only person in a 2 block vicinity of the crash that didn't wake up? 'Twas the little old lady that lives in the apartment that almost lost it's living room.

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