Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Present to me...new camera lens!

When I bought my first digital SLR last year, I shopped around and decided upon the Canon Digital Rebel XT (which, of course, Canon immediately replaced with the Rebel XTi, but I disgress). At the time, all the reviews I read suggested getting the stock lens and learning to use the camera and its functions before getting a different lens. I took that advice and have been really happy with the results; however, 7,000 pictures later, my first lens upgrade has just arrived!

It took weeks of deliberation to decide whether or not I was ready to throw down the $1000+ to buy this lens (EF 24-70mm f/2.8L) but I knew I wanted it and, more importantly, needed it. So, last Tuesday, I finally bit the bullet and made the purchase. Hitting that purchase button and thinking about my credit card balance was bitter sweet, but shortly after I was forced to forget about mundane monetary issues and was overcome with the giggling excitement of a 5 year old!

After a week of waiting patiently, my lens is now in my hands and it is officially my new baby - after all it weighs as much as a newborn. I'll be fidgeting until I can get out and take it for a test drive!!

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