Friday, June 1, 2007

Sharing knowledge helps growth

If you love crafting in general, enjoy learning new techniques, want to expand your hobby, or if you sell your wares online, check out this excellent resource -!

Whether you are a beginning crafter or a veteran, there is something on Crafty Tips that you will find interesting as it covers a truly extensive list of crafts. While you are looking for free patterns, fun projects and even classes to take, you will find blogs and links to other websites associated with each craft. My favorite thing is the "Crafty Tip" posted with each link!

If, like me, you are trying to turn your hobby into a business, I know it's easy to be so absorbed in the art aspects that you end up being marketing challenged! Since I started considering my photography and other crafts a commodity, I've been trying to figure out how to generate business. The marketing pages on Crafty Tips are a godsend as a quick tutorial for being more marketing savvy.

I see a lot of forum postings on sites such as for people looking for answers on how to write better descriptions. Look no further! Here's a great read, complete with example, on how to do just that. I know that I personally was told by another friendly crafter that I should make sure to use my description "tags" properly. After all, in a marketplace with millions of items, how do you get someone to find yours and convince them it's just what they needed? Crafty Tips shows you how to use your keywords to lure in those buyers to your product. Elsewhere on the website, you will find useful articles, such as these business guides to help get you started.

While I know I could spend hours on Crafty Tips filtering through pages of interesting articles, blogs and other facts, the best part is that this is one of those websites that will just continue to grow and become an amazingly useful resource (plus I just found some new knitting patterns that I want to try!)

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