Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Yay for Yves Rocher!

I just have to share my excitement about the bath & body site Yves Rocher. I came across them by accident several months ago and now, a couple of orders in, it's confirmed that I love what they have to offer!

The company specializes in botanical beauty care, stocking a wide variety of items - body wash, fragrances, make-up, skin care and more.

I suggest the Madagascar Orchid body wash [insert], which is a truly heavenly scent! The "last chance shop" is also worth checking out for expiring deals.

Everything is very reasonably priced anyway but to top it off, they offer free shipping over $25 and every order gets a free gift. (Last order, I got a free tote bag, which I am now happily using as my portable knitting bag!!)


LoveDynamite said...

Gotta love free shipping:D

organicstills said...

And free gifts too! It's the best. =)