Thursday, October 18, 2007

I do love action shots

I posted the things that I received in the photographer swap I was in, but they do not compare to the wonderful action shots that my partner posted of the things she received from me! I have to share my favorite picture of my favorite item that I sent to her.

This hat was knit using a raspberry colored yarn in a very basic beanie pattern. I used yarn overs to create the gaps through which I threaded the contrasting grey ribbon. Then I made a pin, using a pin-back, a paper clip, and some beads with letters to spell the word "exposure". My boyfriend didn't quite get why I chose exposure as the word for this pin, but I thought it had a good double meaning myself!

Thanks to Jac for modeling the item and doing a much better job at it than I would ever have imagined!

1 comment:

tootsiegrace said...

What a gorgeous hat!! And I love the photo. It is really beautiful! I'm on my way to admire your shop now.