Tuesday, October 2, 2007

There really is a little kid in each of us

You may be wondering what other activities I get up to when I'm not crafting. I am here to tell you about KICKBALL. Yes, the game with the big rubber ball that's kind of like baseball/softball but is generally played by 5 year olds. A couple of years ago, the company I work for found out about a kickball league close by, run by the World Adult Kickball Association, and being the nerds that we are, we started a company team - the Rhino Stampede.

Seeing as I grew up in England, kickball isn't a game that I was at all familiar with. Last "season" I decided to join the company team and find out what it was all about - has to be said, it's a lot like dork central, but a fine way to spend a Monday night! There are certainly people out there who take their kickball very seriously, having tactical meetings and secret signs for plays. Our team is the one most likely to make margaritas in Gatorade bottles and consider that an "energy drink".
My second season on the team ended last night in the semi-finals of the playoffs. Having spent most of the season doing rather badly [insert: reaction shot to our first in a string of wins], we went into the playoffs seeded 12 (out of 16 teams in our local league); however we definitely found our stride in the last few games and upset some higher seeded teams with our success.

We were finally beat by the #1 seeded team, and our bitter rivals, in the semi-finals game last night. There is no way that anybody would ever have guessed that we would get anywhere near as far as we did - in betting terms the odds were definitely long! We're kind of a Cinderella Kick-balling story...or perhaps better likened to Seabiscuit.


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