Tuesday, October 23, 2007


A quick update to the blog that I just posted below. While we are still fighting the fires, I am offering to donate 50% of proceeds from any sales through my Etsy store through the end of October to help the victims of these fires.

Other Etsy stores also donating include:
Yummy Body Candy
PaperZombie, Ink.
Bringing Back Memories
Livia's Treasures
Dragon Lady Designs

Please see this blog for additional information. http://witch-fire.blogspot.com/
Click here to donate directly to the American Red Cross for San Diego relief efforts.

Here's How You Can Help in San Diego:


Food/Supplies: Please note that recent information is that they currently have enough supplies at Qualcomm.
You can donate to the Qualcomm Stadium Evacuation Center at Gate P (9449 Friars Rd., San Diego, CA 92108)

They are looking for the following items:
1. Prepared food (sandwiches, commercially prepared of pre-packaged food (not homemade); for both lunch and dinner)
4.Cots, blankets, sleeping bags and pillows
5.Air Mattresses
7.Canopies for shade
8.Paper Towels
9.Handi Wipes
10.Toilet Paper
11.Paper Plates, cups, utensils
12.Disposable Styrofoam Coolers
13.Pet Food, Pet Carriers, Leashes
14.Cell phone chargers/batteries

Food Storage Trailer:
The City of San Diego is looking for a refrigerated trailer to store donated food on site. Anyone with such a trailer can call (619) 236-6167.

The American Red Cross is also encouraging people to donate money online through their website. Click on "Donate Now", then under Donor Designations, pull up San Diego Wildfires DR 187-8. The monetary donations will provide shelter, food, counseling, and other assistance to victims of the fire.

The Blood Bank is accepting blood donations today at its Hillcrest and East County offices. Anyone at least 17 years old, who weighs at least 110 pounds and is in good health, may qualify to give blood.

Blood Bank Locations for donations are:
- 440 Upas Street in Hillcrest (619) 296-6393
- 680 Fletcher Parkway in El Cajon (619) 441-1804

There will also be "Blood Mobiles” located at Qualcomm Stadium and at the Del Mar Fairgrounds through 3:30 p.m. October 23, 2007.

If you want to volunteer, visit Spontaneous Volunteer Processing Center (SVPC) at 5331 Mt. Alifan Drive San Diego, CA 92111


Angelica said...

Thank you so much for posting this!


marimello said...

this is a great help for all of us down here. I too have started up a blog/raffle/benefit site. If you can, please mention Witch-Fire.blogspot (that's where my parents home is toasting) for me!

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