Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Etsy Featured Shop - Labelstone

While reading through the forums on Etsy, I came across a wonderful shop with such a huge variety of beautiful images that I couldn't help but keep looking through everything they have to offer. Of course, they graciously accepted my request for a blog interview, so today I am happy to share with you the interview with Labelstone!

Why did you start collective vintage ephemera?
Printer's ink is in the blood, having come from a family who owned a printing company from 1879 to 1990. My father's company did not print labels, but I always enjoyed going down to the plant to watch the printing presses in action. I saw my first crate label about 5 years ago and was awed by their sheer color, beauty, intensity, as well as the myriad of themes used. From there I started attending estate sales and auctions. My collection of cigarette cards is from an album I purchased at an auction in Richmond, Virginia.

Where do you find the images that you use?
Most of my images are from my personal collection of crate labels, cigar labels, cigarette labels, trading cards and other paper ephemera. Some of the images are in the public domain.

What inspired you to combine those images with coasters?
Really, I started out with the intention of making complimentary sets as I thought it would be rather neat for people to pass around the coasters and get a different image on each one. Good conversational pieces!

Do you prefer creating a set based on one image, or finding complimentary images?
If I have a set of different yet similar themed images, then I will use all four images to create one set. If I really like an image, yet have no good complimentary images to go along with it, then I prefer to have one image on all four coasters.

What is the process from finding an image to modifying it into a coaster?
I scan my images into an image/photo editing software. I have to decide if all the image is going to be used or just part of it. After cropping the portion I want, I set about improving the color, brightness, contrast, sharpness etc. After that, there are always artifacts that need to be removed - sometimes one pixel at a time. Rarely, I have to move some lettering to the left or right to improve the symmetry of the overall design. If I need to add a background and/or border, I do so. I find this portion of the process very relaxing!

How long does that generally take?
From 30 minutes to hours upon hours. If I really like the image, I will persevere. There have been plenty of times that I have just abandoned an image because I know it will not improve no matter what I do!

What is the story behind this set?
This set is from 4 vegetable can labels that I have, which date back from the late 1890's to the 1920's from the canning factory, Olney & Floyd. They used local produce as their goods, made their own cans and hand applied their own labels. The labels convey a sense of freshness and goodness, which is a good selling point for their product. Can and crate labels were used not only to identify the product, but advertise them as well. These labels are truly a work of art with intricate butterflies, beautiful flowers, ornate frames and interesting lettering.

What other hobbies/crafts do you enjoy?
I love to cook!

Do you have a day job? If so, what is it?
In my previous life I was a nurse and then returned to college to become an accountant. Unfortunately, ill health forced me to retire.

What about your surroundings inspires you?
I live in the country and love the woods, wildlife and peace.

You can find more of these gorgeous coasters at Labelstone's Etsy and Cafepress shops.


kim* said...

thanks for sharing this featired artist, i really like the coasters. i cant imagine not using coasters.

Jen Hintz said...

What an interesting feature...thanks for sharing that!

Tackyhandmade said...

Great Coasters, adore those labels!

Pretty Fun said...

Great feature and nice shop.


Thank you so much for featuring my coasters. I am absolutely honored that you chose to feature my shop!