Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A sneak preview

I've been really busy working on my new sock pattern in the last couple of weeks. The yarn designed by Carissa from The Cupcake Factory arrived on Monday and I'm busy knitting up samples right now. Meanwhile, my test knitters have been hard at work making sure everything adds up like it's supposed to.

The yarn is such a beautiful fit for the pattern and really embodies the fall colors that match the leafy lace design so perfectly. I can't help but give a sneak preview...but of course, no full pictures yet. I have to keep something a little secret! =)


idyll hands said...

So patient to knit socks (and design your own patterns at that!). I need to pull out my double pointed needles and just learn!

organicstills said...

I was scared of DPNs until about half way into my first pair of socks and then I was wondering why I was so freaked out. I say be brave! Let me know if you start a pair. =)