Thursday, August 7, 2008

Something pretty for house-hunting woes

As I mentioned a while back, the husband and I have been house hunting. We found a place we really like that would be perfect for us and we're currently in the phase where an offer was put in, a counter offer received, and we're countering their counter...and on it goes. Of course, having read a previous inspection report for the property, we're looking at a place that needs some repairs done. There's a ton of information being thrown at us right now and reading a 55 page document on plumbing and electrical circuitry is enough to make anybody cross-eyed.So, while my crafting has been put somewhat on the back burner during all of this, I was happy to find the time to create a little ACEO that makes me smile because it's bright and happy (and will look great in our new house...if we get it!) I took an image from a digital coloring book and went to work. After deciding upon the colors for each section and painting them, I then applied various filters to the piece as a whole, giving it the look of a small piece of stained glass. There's two staircases in our potential new home and I would love to line one with ACEO pieces. A miniature, but highly effective way to show off art!

Pheonix is available as a limited edition ACEO in my Etsy store.

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