Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Truly brilliant

I've always been proud to be Welsh. My dad was born and raised in Cardiff, which is pretty close to the English border, and I almost went to university there - but ended up in So Cal instead (totally not the same, I understand).

At the end of our sophomore year of high school, we got to go on a week trip to Brecon Beacons, where I spent a week rock climbing, mountain biking (literally), splunking, canoeing and watching my classmates shamelessly flirt with the instructors. That's what happens when you put forty 16-year old females in a confined space with 6 pretty hot 20-something males. My dad was highly amused when I returned with a Welsh accent. (Note: Mark Salter, I will always remember you for playing football with me and sharing your bag of crisps while watching my classmates get shot down by your co-workers. Oh yeah, and for catching me from falling off that one cliff overhang.)

Anyway, some folks think of Wales and associate it with mountains, castles and sheep. Well, there would be a lot of all of those there. What is fantastic is taking those elements and turning them into something that may well put [whatever small village in Wales they are from] on the map. This just lit up my morning...literally...and I have never been more proud of my heritage!

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HollyLynne said...

Throwies! But for SHEEP! It is brilliant!
And we all know how I feel about Wales ;)