Monday, March 9, 2009

Yard sale fun

I've been trying to stock up on items for my new vintage store and with the husband out and about playing paintball with his old friends from high school, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to hit up some Sunday morning yard sales! I've never actually dropped by a yard sale before but did my due diligence and checked out what was on Craigslist, then mapped out the ones that were close to each other. It's pretty amazing how many yard sales you can find within a 2 mile radius.

It has to be said, I didn't find all that much that was worthwhile but did find a gorgeous wooden photo box (similar to this one). I've been looking for the right receptacle for photos that can be displayed in the living room and this will be perfect. I also came across a gorgeous little vintage Wedgewood trinket box, which I have now listed in my Etsy store. It's got a small fracture in it, but is beautiful nonetheless. Completely random fact is that Josiah Wedgewood was Charles Darwin's grandfather. That's some evolutionary ceramics for you right there!

I know that our HOA is discussing holding a community yard sale in our courtyard (there's only 10 units so it would be manageable) and I'm getting excited about the prospect. We got rid of a ton of things when we moved in 6 months ago, but that's not to say there isn't still a bunch of things to pass on to others via some yard sale fun.

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CatR said...

Josiah Wedgewood was a very good friend of Charles Darwin's grandfather, Erasmus Darwin. A random fact; Josiah had a wooden leg. They were part of the Lunar Society, a grand name for a gang of friends who would gather (generally coinciding with a full moon) for dinners and discussions of politics, religion and science (when science was still natural philosophy).