Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So close I can smell it

Our bathroom is going to be done today and ready for use by tomorrow morning. I am totally psyched! I took off the rest of the week (use them or lose them vacation days) so I can babysit the demolition and remodel of the guest bathroom. I took some pics last night of the bathroom in it's 80% done state to share. Today they're grouting and cleaning, plus adding a nice tile base board to replace the wooden ones that were there before. I have to make a quick trip to Home Depot at lunch but definitely worth it!Around the bathtubThe floor is under there somewhere.
Check out my awesome mitered corners on the ledge around the tub! I was very impressed.

With any luck I will have completed photos tomorrow and then the before and after of the other room are to come!


J. Leigh Designz said...

Ohhh! Looking good! Maybe once you're done you can stop by my house....my master bathroom is quickly becoming a large oversized storage room LOL!

organicstills said...

Haha, you should see our office. =) Everything that was a random box when we moved in 4 months ago went in that room....and hasn't moved.

Lanae Photography said...

That's looking good. We just did our kitchen. So much work! It's all worth it though in the end.