Sunday, April 12, 2009

And in other news...a plumbing extravaganza

The beauty of home-ownership is learning new ways to deal with the bizarre "issues" that rear their ugly heads around the home.

Last weekend, it was a visit to Home Depot (where I feel like I am at home these days) to buy some plumbing epoxy. When I think epoxy, I of course go to the craft epoxy for jewelry molds and that type of thing. Turns out there's an awesome epoxy you can get to completely seal the space between two pipes where the original seal has miraculously evaporated and water is leaking into the under-sink cabinet and in a lovely stream across the bathroom floor. It hardens like steel with in 20 minutes and the sink has been functional ever since. (I should also take the opportunity to apologize to my husband for even thinking that he may have awoken in the middle of the night and peed on the floor, which honestly is the first thought I had when I first happened across the leak on the floor that bleary eyed morning...)

This weekend, it was a visit to Home Depot for something to clear the clog in the kitchen sink. What was even more frustrating is that this particular clog happened a few months ago and it cost a $60 plumber visit for him to wiggle around a drain snake for, maybe, 5 minutes. Well, we found our new little plumbing miracle - "Plumb-away" - a fancy aerosol drain opener with a zesty lemon after-scent. It took one rather awesome "puff" of air into the drain and it's been running clear ever since! It was only $16 for the starter kit, which comes with an 8 use canister, and worth ever penny as far as I can tell. You do have to plug the overflow drain well or a bunch of unwanted drain goop could come flying out due to the force of the compressed air. I suggest making it a two person job - one to properly block the overflow drain, one to release the air from the canister. I'm not usually one to blog about fascinating plumbing issues, but I feel like this product would give Billy Mays something to yell about.

And now back to our regularly scheduled crafting...

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