Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vintage Village

A little while after opening my vintage shop on Etsy, I found out about the Vintage Village website. This is a site set up for vintage artists to share their wares and make a group effort to promote vintage goods. It also has a sister site - Vintage Rising - which is designed to promote items created from reclaimed vintage items.

If you're looking for a place to find some really cool vintage pieces, or somewhere to promote your vintage shop, I definitely suggest you take a minute to check it out! Here's my little photo slideshow that I made this morning. You can just click on any picture to take it to the description page. I'm hoping to get some time soon to photograph more of my vintage stash to put up in my store.

Find more photos like this on The Vintage Village

My other plan right now is to upcycle some of the many many notecards, postcards and other paper ephemera that I've been finding. Most of it is vintage but there are some bits and bobs that I can't really date. Either way, there's lot of cute things can be made I'm sure. So, question is - what would you want to buy that's made from upcycled vintage cards (i.e. notepads, collage art etc.)? I would love your opinions.

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