Sunday, April 5, 2009

Panorama stitching - not as hard as it seems

While I was in Miami last week, we had the pleasure of going to an event on a rooftop on Lincoln Road in South Beach. The very first thing that struck me coming out of the elevator was "ooh, great panorama!" Of course, I had to bust out my new camera, turn on the on-screen grid lines and give a panorama shot a go. Thanks of course to some nifty online software, it's actually pretty easy to create a fun panoramic photo slideshow. Here is my view over SoBe Miami!

I think it worked out pretty well and in terms of stitching the 7 shots together, this looks quite seamless, thanks to the help of the free online program offered at The only downside of the site is that it's not Firefox compatible yet so you'd most likely need to use IE. On the upside, if you're like me and hate having to become a member of every site that you use, you can skip the sign-up and just get the code to embed this slideshow. It's also linked in to blogger, myspace, facebook etc so you can upload/embed straight off the MagToo site.

I'm looking for some software to download that will actually let me create a panoramic image that can later be printed. Will have to provide an update on how that goes!


image stitching said...

Great post!!

Gayathri said...

Yes, I agree iwth the statement "Panorama stitching - not as hard as it seems". Panorama stitching is aa awesome technique of combining two or more photographic images with overlapping fields of view to produce an integrated panorama. Keep blogging. Thanks.