Thursday, April 2, 2009

Back from vacation!

I'm finally back from my trip to Miami and getting back into the swing of things - the grocery store trip last night being a good part of this seeing as it's helpful to have food in the fridge! I think the hardest part of being on vacation is trying to figure out what happened while you were gone. The good news is that I got a couple of Etsy orders (one from each store, yay!) and nothing exploded in the house. =)
Well, South Beach was a blast and if you ever have a chance to go out there, check out the Cuban restaurant - Puerto Sagua - on 7th Avenue/Collins. Best Cuban food ever. From the second we booked our flights, I was craving a visit to that restaurant (which we found on our trip to Miami last year), and wasn't disappointed.

While we primarily made the trip for the music side of things - Winter Music Conference - we got to do a lot of fun beachy stuff too, including going on a 5-hour boat cruise around the bay with an open bar and DJ on the boat. I've definitely browned a little (although I was a good girl and used sunscreen), and now I'm back home it's nice to have retained a little of the vacation glow.

One of the funniest things about the trip has to be sitting in the park on our last day out there. We're across from the beach and sitting in the grassy area because our beach towels were already packed. Now, in Los Angeles, I'm used to the crazy squirrels, perhaps the occasional possum at night, but I would never expect to look over and see a 2ft long iguana wandering through the park! The husband pointed him out to me and it totally freaked me out until I realized it was pretty cool and should take some pictures. Meet Vernon, your local park iguana! I'll admit that I spent the rest of the time we were in the park being a little paranoid that some other lizard type thing was going to crawl up my leg or fall out of an overhead branch. I'm just not used to things of that size cruising past without a care in the world!

Anyway, trying to get back into the swing of things and have a million things I need to do for my Etsy shops, plus house cleaning, getting back to the gym etc. I also started planning my 30th birthday (May 1) pub crawl in my head last night. Great vacation, but nice to be home.

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