Thursday, July 5, 2007

As promised!

My Magic Yarn Ball arrived today, which was a much needed pleasant part of my day, given that my work computer was doomed and told me that my hard drive was "pending iminent failure" (the computer's words, not mine).

I have been truly spoiled by my swap partner as she included a huge supply of items for me, including two contrasting balls of Paton's Merino Wool (strangely enough, the same type of yarn I sent her!)

When I pulled it out of the box, it was housed in this beautiful silk drawstring bag.The first color was "denim" and will be the body of the tote bag pattern that was sent to me. My partner also sent me some circular needles that are needed to make this project. The second color was "paprika" which will be the contrast color for the bottom of the tote and the handles.

As I unwound, I kept finding more and more things and was truly amazed by how much was fit in there!

The final list of items in my MYB is as follows:
A beautiful handmade apron, a needle guage, pedicure kit, foot scrub, cute lipsmackers set, iPod armwrap holder, a bracelet, an amazing beaded flower (which will probably go on the outside of the tote), mints, a candle and votive, jewelry cord, headpins, a bunch of sewing supplies, a set of gorgeous butterfly magnets, a charm bracelet kit, a crochet pouch with scissors, a beaded pen, a dragonfly pin, trinket box with matching frame, earrings and a first aid kit (containing a selection of the best sparkly band-aids ever!)

What can I say? I'm thrilled, excited and will be signing up for many more swaps in the future!!

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