Friday, July 13, 2007

The beginnings of digital art

As my name, Organic Stills, suggests - I am proud of my unedited photography. My personal take on photography is that the image that appears once the picture has been developed (whether 35mm or digital) is the moment captured in time. Playing with it in photoshop is a different art entirely...a very clever one that has amazing results mind you,
but isn't photography in it's most raw (organic) sense.
Having admired the digital art for a while, I decided to open up Photoshop and try my hand at creating something. I'm not much use with a brush and canvas in the physical sense so perhaps I'll do better digitally. Using my photography as a basis, I came up with a couple of digital art pieces last night which I hope to sell as ACEOs (Art Cards Editions And Originals). As an ACEO has to be 2.5"x3.5", I will be mounting them onto some playing cards I've got, which are that exact size. It'll also help me to number the prints, one print per suit, 13 editions of each card.

This flower picture received a watercolor filter, followed by color spot treatment.

These other pictures were originally photographs of handcarved wood doors, taken in Singapore. I inverted the colors and adjusted the color curves to create this effect.

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