Friday, May 16, 2008

Possibly the cutest thing ever!

My sister in law, Erica, found out she was pregnant about 3 weeks after I married her brother. Talk about making the parents crazy...a wedding and a pregnancy within a month?! I thought my mother in law's head was going to burst. Anyway, Erica is now 22 weeks along and doing well. She spent the first trimester with a pregnancy induced "tequila type hangover" and is very happy to be out of that phase at least!

Of course, I am thrilled to have a nephew to spoil and make a million things for. Right after I got my sewing machine, I was rummaging in the remnants bin in Joann's to find fabric to practice on and found this. Naturally I was completely unable to resist and figured that one day I'd figure out something to make with the 1/3 yard of adorable. Now, a couple of weeks and a lot of straight lines later, I have accomplished something that makes me, and everybody else around me who has seen them go "awwww". Even my husband came in the room, picked them up and immediately said, "I want some". So, I present to you my Frog Frog Duck baby PJ pants for Ethan.

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