Friday, May 9, 2008

My first sewn bag!

So I've been very quietly running around getting fabric remnants from Joann over the last week, and practicing sewing lots of lines. A couple of nights ago, I decided it was time to try making something with my new sewing machine that looks like more than just scraps of fabric with knotted thread! While running errands, I had spotted a super cute dishcloth that spoke to me with its' aspirations to become more than just a dishcloth, so I bought it home and made it into my first sewn tote bag. The bag is lined with navy flannel to match the accent stripes, and I used strips cut from the sides of the dishcloth to make the handles. Inverting the handles was probably the hardest part of all this as the safety pin was refusing to cooperate and insisting on opening half way through the process, leaving me with a half inverted handle, a pin that was stabbing me in the finger, and a husband wondering why I had developed a "mild" case of potty mouth from the corner of the room. It's not a neat sewing job, but at least it's a functional item and I am certainly proud! Now I have a cute summery bag to hold my drop spindle and rovings (might as well use one craft to feed the other.)

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