Thursday, May 29, 2008

A quick drive by posting

I've been working on all kinds of stuff over the last couple of weeks but didn't have pictures or anything to show until I snapped a few shots of my new yarns last night. I'm also working on a fiber tools swap through Ravelry and am very proud of what I came up with but can't post pics here until after I've sent things to my swap partners!

Over the weekend I was up in Santa Barbara visiting my brother for his birthday surprise and discovered that the Joann's on the way back down is actually a "Superstore". (Think Target vs. Super Target I guess!) I didn't even realize that there are Joann's superstores. I thought the stores near me were normal size. Of course, with my husband at a bachelor party in Vegas and not there to give me the "you can't possibly be buying more crafty stuff" look, I had to stop by for the Memorial Day Sale to use my coupon. So, 10 or so yards of fabric, several sewing patterns (never really used one before so should be interesting) and some notions later, I have all kinds of new things to play with. I made up for it by completely revamping our bedroom and bathroom for when he got back...a good diversion technique from the ever growing stash.

Well, I must leave with some pretty things to look at so here are my two newest yarns. Usually I name things after food and or music, but these both got animal names. I present Peacock and Penguin.


idyll hands said...

Those are simply fabulous! Are you still using a drop spindle? I'm so impressed :)

organicstills said...

Yes, still using a drop spindle - but I have been practicing a LOT! =)