Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Look like I could have bought it!

Sewing is the most recent craft that I started and still have felt somewhat like a novice doing. Although, I feel that my ability status has just gone up after the truly successful venture into wearable clothing for myself! Recently, Joann's had a Firefly Frenzy sale, including 50% off all their red tag clearance fabrics. This led to a minor fabric binge and some pretty apparel fabrics made their way home with me for a very reasonable price.

I would say that it took about 4 hours, half of which was cutting and pinning, to make this top - from a Simplicity pattern (I don't recall the number right now but will include that later). Not only is it cute, it fits and I've received a variety of compliments from my co-workers who didn't realize I made it. My proudest moment has still been realizing that I managed to get the stripes to match up where they're supposed to. Therefore, I feel that this novice has perhaps moved on to intermediate in her sewing skills!

I also made a skirt in the last week which doesn't look anything like the skirt the pattern was originally supposed to create, but I enjoy it all the same. Pictures of that to come soon as well. =)

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