Thursday, July 10, 2008

New things to come

In the last year or so, since joining Etsy, I've managed to sell a few photography prints here and there, made some enjoyable trades and definitely learned a lot about an online business. While I certainly enjoy the Etsy community and what it represents, I don't feel like I'm getting everything I can from selling photography in my store there. Some of you may have noticed that I've been working to feature other items in my store, particularly my handspun yarns right now, and then knit, crochet and other fiber related artst shortly.

That led me to the question of what other venues would I be able to use for showcasing my photographic work, especially finding more art based sites where art is the focus and therefore the traffic directed to those sites is more specific. I would definitely like to build up my own website again. It's been neglected for entirely too long and if possible, I will do what I can to make it an e-commerce site where all of you can purchase my work directly.

I will continue to provide updates here as I make them and hopefully I can make this a smooth transition into new and exciting things!

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