Monday, July 21, 2008

Project's back!

I have been an avid viewer of Project Runway since the first season and am very excited that it's back again. While the majority of summer TV leaves me luke warm, this show keeps me inspired and wondering what I would do if I were participating in the challenges that the designers are doing.

Last week, the challenge was to use items purchased at a grocery store. While it wasn't the winning entry, my favorite design was the one pictured here, which involved the ironing down of plastic cups into what is really quite an amazing dress considering the materials used! I was a little disappointed that more people didn't use produce and so many of them went the table cloth route. I think the judges might have been with me on that.

So, what would I have used? I'm thinking that a nice corset involving a rack of ribs and a skirt made from asparagus spears would have done the trick.

This week, Natalie Portman is a guest judge - which is intriguing to me as I think she has a really classy personal style and of course shares the name Natalie with me (hence she rocks!)

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