Thursday, February 5, 2009

I was tagged

I was reading this blog post from my friend Holly and mentioned that I hadn't been tagged. OK, big mistake because she immediately tagged me and now I must post 25 random things about myself. So, here we go. You're about to learn a bunch of strange things about me, whether you wanted to or not!

1) Seeing as she's the one that tagged me, she gets an honorable mention here. Holly and I used to work together and have been friends for about 7 years now. Her fiance and I worked in the same department and I got to witness their love blooming from inception. She is the person that introduced me to Etsy and if you haven't checked out her stuff, you should. We are also able to take photographs of ourselves with two separate cameras at the same time. We're incredibly talented like that.

2) My husband and I met freshman year of college because my roommates and I needed ride to a frat party. That evening, I walked into a screen door in front of him. We dated for 10 years before getting married, then planned our wedding in 10 days.

3) I have grade 8 certification in piano and ballet from the Royal Academy of Music and the Royal Academy of Dance respectively back in the U.K. I studied both from the age of 6-18 before I moved to California.

4) The piano thing reminds me that I am double jointed in all my fingers. My hands are on the petite side but I have a span of 8.5" from tip of the thumb to tip of my pinky, which is longer than most of the guys I know.

5) Of all the strange things to inherit from my dad, he passed down the ability to read upside down and write backwards. There is very little practical use for this.

6) My current boss and I have the same alma mater. The other thing he and I have in common is that we both went to our first stadium concert in 1981. The difference being that I was 2 years old and he was 14.

7) I was a child model up until I was 13 when I got hips and boobs but stopped growing at 5'3". I don't think I've worn polka dots since this catalog cover was shot. Also, I'm now much more used to being on the other side of the camera.

8) Relating to the modeling thing, I was a dance extra in the U.K. commercial for milk with the song "Cool For Cats" by Squeeze. For that shoot, I had bright pink hot pants and matching tights.

9) Somewhere trapped in my head is a screenplay or novel just waiting to escape.

10) The older I get, the less interested I am in chicken.

11) The very first thing I learned to cook was scrambled eggs. I have perfected the art of making them super fluffy and light. I refuse to eat scrambled eggs in restaurants because they look weird and somewhat like egg bricks.

12) My husband and I make decisions by playing rock, paper, scissors. It has prevented a lot of disagreement in the past.

13) Buying our house was the most exhilarating, fulfilling, frustrating and terrifying thing I have ever been through. Adulthood is way harsh!

14) I think of fate as a "choose your own adventure" book. Life hands you choices along the way and the path you pick determines where you end up.

15) Both grandparents on my mom's side were Bhuddist.

16) Even though I was born in Singapore and my mom's side of the family is Asian, I don't speak a word of Cantonese. I somehow always know when they're talking about me though!

17) When I get my U.S. Citizenship, I will have been a citizen of three different countries on three different continents.

18) I'm pretty sure my parents' house in England is haunted. None of the ghosties are scary, but I did sleep with a tennis racket by my bed when I was a kid (not that it would have done me much good!)

19) Being on "Don't Forget The Lyrics" would be awesome. I've always had a talent for remembering lyrics but I wonder if I'd forget them all if under pressure.

20) When my father in law got re-married some years back, I got up with the band and serenaded them with "Just The Way You Are" (Billy Joel) during the reception. It brought him to tears.

21) My belly button is totally off limits. When someone touches my belly button, it sets off my gag reflex.

22) I've always been really good at finding things on the ground. When I was a toddler, I was with my parents at an airport gate waiting for a flight. I was playing with something in a small bag. My parents wanted to know what I was playing with. Turns out it was over $1000 cash from somebody cashing their paycheck. I don't find much money on the floor anymore though.

23) Also when I was a toddler, I had a habit of storing food in my mouth for later. Apparently my favorite thing to store was pieces of banana. It sounds really weird now but I think I might have been a chipmunk in a former life.

24) I think baby food is gross. I had to try it once at a baby shower and swore that I will never feed it to my kids when I have them. If I won't eat it, why would I make them eat it?

25) I sound completely Californian and people are always asking where my British accent went. I tell them that it got lost somewhere in baggage claim (just kidding).


HollyLynne said...

YES we are and always have been incredibly talented . . . we should retake that photo tomorrow night :)
With you on the house buying being CHAOS! But we're both done now . . . and on to other chaos :)
I think all of Oxshott may be haunted . . .

Heather - - said...

Oh my gosh, the cover! So cute!! :) Thanks for the sweet note on your craftster thread!