Friday, February 27, 2009

An ode to the creme egg

Growing up in England, I was completely spoiled by the choice of Cadbury's chocolate available to me. I even went on a school trip way back when to the factory where you end up in a room filled with the stuff at wholesale prices. That's right, a dream for a 16 year old with a chocolate fetish. After moving to California though, it was somewhat distressing to me for a while that I couldn't get it out here because there's something about Hersheys that just isn't the same. Interestingly enough, Hersheys picked up the license for Cadbury's in the U.S. now. This means that I can pick up a limited selection, usually at CVS Pharmacy (of all places). I'm much happier about that, but I do lament over the Creme Egg situation.

In the UK, you can get Creme Eggs any time of year. The delicious chocolate shell with the gooey sugary mix of mystery filling. You bite off the top, suck out the insides and still have the rest of the chocolate shell to eat for dessert. I would like to know why can I only get them at Easter?! I don't recall small print on Creme Eggs saying they should only be on offer if there's the possibility that the Easter bunny delivered them. Further to that, why is it that the American Creme Eggs are smaller? They're under license to Hersheys out here, but in a land where everything is bigger, you decide to shrink the eggs and then restrict how often I get to eat them? I shake my fist at you.

Speaking of Easter eggs in general, the Brits seem so much better about making big old chocolate eggs that have the tasty chocolate shell but are also filled with candy on the inside. These eggs exist for almost every brand of chocolate that I can think of back home - eggs filled with jelly beans, eggs filled with M&Ms, and so on. Out here, there is something not quite as fun about the hollow chocolate bunny. You bite off his ears and there is no surprise awaiting you on the inside. It's sad, but true.

I know that a world exists where my beloved Creme Eggs can be bought and savored year round. For now, I will try to see the silver lining and be happy that I can get them at all. Well, now you know how I like mine, the question do you eat yours?

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