Monday, February 2, 2009

Winter Wonderland

When I was a kid back in England, I always loved it when it snowed. We had a little sled that my brother and I would use, and the snowman thing was always fun too. I remember my dad dumping a 3ft icicle in my bathtub once when I was really small - something I'm glad has only ever happened to me once.

I haven't seen snow at my parents house for a long time and have never seen anything like this before. They're in the south of England (about 30 minutes out of London) and my dad just sent me these pictures of what the house looks like right now. Naturally, I had to share! My mom said it's fun except they're not prepared for this kind of snow down there so there's no slow plows or anything like that and they're essentially trapped in the house given the depth of the snow on the street. She also said she couldn't put the cat down because she would disappear!

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