Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Free Knit Pattern - Roman Holiday Mitts

by Natalie Jacobs

I finally got around to writing down one of my random improvised knit patterns, and now that it's ready, I wanted to share. (This will shortly be available as a pdf.)

I lost the tag for the yarn that I made these from, but I remember the color way was called Audrey Hepburn, which inspired the name for these.

These fingerless mitts are a good beginner project with an easy to remember pattern stitch. They work up quickly so they are a lovely idea for a last minute gift. As the pattern stitch is worked all the way around, there is no difference between the left and right hand mitts. The cables can easily be done without a cable needle, or using a spare double pointed needle, if you don't want to use a cable needle. I designed these on double pointed needles, but this can easily be adapted for any other method that you prefer.

Yarn: Approx 100 yards of worsted weight
Gauge: 12 stitches and 12 rows = 2" in pattern stitch
Needles: 5mm (Size 8 US) double pointed needles
Notions: Stitch marker, small amount of waste yarn in contrast color
(Note: The mitt will seem narrow, but stretches once put on. The gauge is based on the size of the mitt before it is stretched.)

Slip next two stitches onto cable needle and hold at back of work. K2 from left needle, then 2 from the cable needle.
C4F: Slip next two stitches onto cable needle and hold at front of work. K2 from left needle, then 2 from the cable needle.

Make two mitts as follows:
CO 36 stitches. Place marker and join in the round being careful not to twist.
Work K2, P2 ribbing for 10 rows.

Begin pattern stitch:
Row 1-2: Knit
Row 3: *C4B, K2* repeat around
Row 4-6: Knit
Row 7: *K2, C4F* repeat around
Row 8: Knit

Repeat rows 1-8 of pattern stitch three times. (Do 2 repeats for shorter mitt, or additional repeats for longer mitt).

Create space for thumb:
At beginning of next row, knit first 6 stitches onto waste yarn.
(Note: I recommend using a yarn that is a very different color from your main yarn so that it is easily visible.)

Put the 6 stitches just knit onto the waste yarn back on left needle, as if starting the beginning of the row.

Using main yarn, knit rows 1-8 of the pattern stitch once more.

Work K2, P2 ribbing for 4 rows and bind off loosely.

Work thumb:
Carefully pull out the waste yarn and place the 12 live stitches back on your needles.

Pick up one additional stitch in each corner (14 stitches total) and arrange evenly on the needles.

Join main yarn and knit around for 6 rows.

Bind off loosely and weave in all ends.

© 2008 Natalie Jacobs

Pattern is for personal, non-commercial use only. You may not make items originating from this pattern for profit. For any questions regarding the terms of use, please contact the designer at organicstills@gmail.com.


Anonymous said...

I love these mitts! I made them for my mom and now she is putting in orders for friends! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

knit 6 stitches on waste yarn - then the pattern ways pick up the live 12 stitches for the thumb- I do not understand this at all!!

Anonymous said...

Knitting with waste yarn just means that you knit in a small piece of scrap and at the end you remove it and pick up the stitches in order to make the thumb.

Harley Grama said...

I'm making the roman holiday fingerless mittens and I can't figure out where you get the second (6) sts. when you say place the 12 live stitches back on your needle. Can you help me. Thanks so much. Harley Grama

Anonymous said...

I love this pattern but I also can't figure out the 12 stitches that I need to pick up for the thumb. Maybe I need to "pick up" 6 new stitches?

helena rust said...

Maybe this link will help with the thumb confusion:


Anonymous said...

The above link to the thumb trick does not work. I'm sorry I cannot figure out where to get the second 6 stitches. Please tell me or show me how it's done . Thank you. Faye