Monday, April 7, 2008

Supporting the little guys

I have been sitting here now for several days anxiously anticipating the arrival of my new drop spindle and roving so that I can make a first attempt at spinning my own yarn. I know, I hardly need another crafty hobby but it's hard to resist sometimes. So, while I was googling places to get spinning supplies, I came across and purchased from a wonderful site that I feel needs more exposure - This is a site that allows you to order items directly from local farms. You can search farms local to you, or if they don't have exactly what you're looking for you can of course go further afield within the US. Anything from organically grown fruits and vegetables to candles, soaps, wool and fibers or even some chocolaty treats are available. I purchased my drop spindle and roving from a farm in Connecticut and knowing that the wool came from a sheep named Cuddles just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.
In a world where people are constantly complaining about how evil corporations, such as Walmart, are sweeping into towns and providing jobs but obliterating the ability for local owned businesses to retain income, I am fully in support of this website. It is providing a way for farms to reach new consumers that they wouldn't ordinarily have access to and help them grow and stay in business. At the same time, it provides the consumer an opportunity to receive and use an organic product that hasn't been tainted by corporate politics.

I consider this a win win situation and that is why I want to spread the, take a minute to check it out and hopefully you'll be able to give support to a farm too!

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