Friday, April 18, 2008

I have yarn!

A week of practice and several withdrawals from my PayPal account, I am in full acknowledgment of my new fiber fetish. Buying roving to spin may be as much of a curse as buying pre-made yarn. My friend keeps joking that knowing me, I will end up buying a sheep and shearing it myself so that I can take full ownership of the process. She's not completely wrong...after all, you should have seen my face when my husband innocently suggested we get a llama, or some other kind of alpaca. He still has no idea why that was so entertaining to me.

Anyway, I am proud to present to you what I consider to be my first proper yarn. I purchased this from someone on Etsy - 4oz of hand-dyed Corriedale roving - and got to work spinning it up. 4 hours later, I sat back in awe of my creation and incredibly proud that I actually made this!
I am calling it "Midnight Storm" as all the crazy purples and navy blues remind me of the thunderheads at night (or at least what I remember them looking like considering I live in So. Cal and don't have a good point of reference currently). It's 88 yards, 2 ply and I used about 2oz of roving. I still have another 2oz to spin up, so I think I'll have enough to actually knit something with this.


idyll hands said...

That is STUNNING! *looks sadly at my own attempts at yarn*

HollyLynne said...

hooray, i'm commenting your blog! i like the yarn, its very purple-y. i know what you should name your alpaca if you get one . . . .HAMISH.