Thursday, April 24, 2008

What to do with office trash

The beauty of being crafty is that it opens up the possibility to make something out of things that others would probably discard. Now that I have been spinning away with my drop spindle and really starting to get the hang of it, I did some research as to what might be helpful when plying two single strands of yarn together. There is something called a "Lazy Kate" which holds the bobbins of spun yarn and makes it easy to ply several strands together. Seeing as I just depleted my PayPal account buying roving for my new hobby, I decided it'd be easier to make one myself rather than having to buy one for now.

After rummaging around my office, I realized that all the supplies I needed are actually right here. Not only that, but they're plentiful and easy to access. So, here we are - my Lazy Kate recipe.

-2, or as many as you may need, plastic CD spindles (I work in music so there's lots of these around. They usually hold CDs before they go in jewel cases)
-1 cardboard box that is a little narrower than the length of the spindles
-1 pair of scissors
It's definitely a rough prototype and I will make a prettier model later, but it works like a charm (no more "toilet paper roll" bobbins running around the floor) and cost a spectacular free 99. Can't get much better than that!

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Anonymous said...

That's a very clever idea!